IDConic provides customized services to international businesses dealing with import to and export from Thailand. Our mission is to bring innovative products and solutions to Thailand while simultaneously sharing the best of Thailand’s top quality products with the rest of the world.

Our understanding of the importance of proprietary and commercially-advantageous corporate information, trade secrets, trial data and formulations provides a buffer between regulatory disclosure requirements from Thai distributor access. By this, intellectual property critical to a manufacturer’s competitive advantage need not be shared with untested partners. Time-to-market remains minimal by reducing the ground work with local regulators and customs authorities which enables us to streamline the end-to-end process in delivering your products and innovations to Thai shelves.

As a License Holding Service Provider, we give you the ability to easily reappoint the most suitable distributors and other business partners to suit your business requirements without any possible delay or rejection from your distributors, as they no longer hold your import license.

Our strong commitment to business ethics also applies to our consulting services for those looking to set up an entity in Thailand to further expand business scopes.