Our clients’ intellectual property on their products and innovation remains confidential with us as our business integrity is our highest priority. Their focus will remain on the products and innovations rather than dealing with local regulators and customs as we are knowledgeable on local regulations and have the best business partners to ensure the products and innovation are properly registered and authorised.

No time wasting on finding the right local business partners as we have strong local network to support our clients’ business strategies. Time-to-market will be minimal for our clients resulting faster and higher sale turn over as we know and will apply the right process and procedure to ensure their products are properly, legally and successfully launched.

Our clients’ products and innovation will be targeted to the right target segments as we can provide the best information and survey results to guide our clients for the right business strategies. In addition, our clients’ products will be delivered to Thai shelves with care and priority as our business partners are very well experienced with the logistics management. Moreover, there will be more flexibility in running business as the import license is not held by any local distributor.